Daily email Number 182 – from the Vicar

Thought we would go back to the big Bible story and carry on from where we left off at the end of the book of Genesis, and the story of Jacob, Joseph and the brothers, and continue with the book of Exodus.
So today let us read together Exodus Chapter 1.
Verses 1-5 link us back to the story in Genesis, vs.6-7 tell us that God’s promises to Abraham back in Genesis Chapter 15 about loads of descendants, as many as the stars in the sky, are continuing to be fulfilled; but through the passage of time, we are a few hundred years later here, the blessing that Joseph was, and the saving of many lives through the famine, has been forgotten.  All the Egyptian leadership is worried about now is their future stability (vs.8-10).  So they have 2 parts to the strategy, make the Israelites’ lives oppressive (vs.11-14), and stop more coming into existence (vs.15-16).You could say that this is a strategy that has been used by the opponents to God’s people all through the ages, OT, NT and since Bible times.
But again as has happened throughout history, people who fear God make a stand against the human authorities, here the Israelite midwives, whose names were Shiphrah and Puah.  We have seen in the Genesis story that sometimes key characters are not even named, here delightfully they are, and go down in Biblical history.I’m reminded of the stand made by the Apostles in Acts Chs.4-5, which we have recently seen in our Sunday services, that they must obey God not man.
And God sees what is happening, and shows his kindness to the midwives, and they too have the joy of motherhood and families, as God’s people continue to increase in number (vs.20-21).  As it would say in Acts, the Word of God spread, and the numbers of disciples increased.

From our church address list, we pray today for,-  Roy & Rita- Robert & Jan.

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