Daily email Number 177 – from the Vicar

Our “I am” saying is the 1st of 2 that are very close together and sort of linked together around the same figure of speech or picture.
Let us read, John Chapter 10 verses 1 to 10, and the key verse is verse 9, where Jesus says, ‘I am the gate; whoever through me will be saved (or kept safe).  He will come in and go out, and find pasture.’
As you read the whole passage, I think there are ideas here of protection and authenticity, that He (Jesus) is the real deal, true and trustworthy.
The gate is, if you like, the front door, the main entrance, to the things of God, and the things of life and goodness, not a door round the back or down an alleyway.If you go through the gate, the main door, you will be okay, you will be protected, and you will have life (v.10).
If you listen to different voices, allow them into your life, or try to get to God a different way, you will soon realise that these ways are false, and actual lead to death and destruction and not life (v.10).Jesus at that time was particularly speaking about the false prophets who had gone before Him, but those false voices have been around since throughout Christian history and even today.  We need to listen to Jesus, and Him alone, He is the gate, the way in to goodness and life.
2 things I have noticed perhaps for the first time as I have been looking at these “I am” sayings.  The first is this – that this BIG idea that these sayings show us that Jesus is God are expressed in very simple everyday ideas like bread, and light, and a gate.  I find that really fascinating.
The second thing I’ve learnt I’ll tell you tomorrow – so keep reading!!  

In our prayers today, let us remember again some of our overseas connections, Fidel & Christine and the children in Kenya, Hannah in North Africa starting a new role with her linked organisation, Saw Myint (our Crosslinks student) in Myanmar, and Frank & Val in Nazareth.  Pray for all of them to follow Jesus today, and also know His protection, both spiritually and healthwise in these difficult days.
More from John Chapter 10 tomorrow.

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