Daily email Number 175 – from the Vicar

Welcome to Saturday, the beginning of the weekend.
After 2 days of introduction we get to our first conventional “I am” saying.
I suggest we read John Chapter 6 verses 25-40, but if you have a bit more time, then you could read on to the end of the chapter.
The key verse is v.35 where Jesus says, ‘I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.’ 
It is a saying which is all to do with provision and satisfaction. It comes in a conversation which arises out of the miracle of the Feeding of the 5000, recorded by John at the beginning of Ch.6, where as you know Jesus takes a small amount of food, and shares it around a huge crowd so that everyone is satisfied, and there is loads left over as well! And this miracle has obvious links to when God fed his people in the desert with manna, a special bread from heaven, as they journeyed from Egypt to the Promised Land in the book of Exodus (vs.30-32)
And Jesus is saying that both these miracles are proof that God, and Himself as the Son of God, can provide for people’s needs so that they are more than satisfied, but are also physical signs of a deeper spiritual provision and satisfaction that they can give, that lasts beyond the need for the next meal, but rather for the whole of life, and actually beyond into eternity (vs.39-40).
What do we have to do?  According to our key verse (v.35), we just need to come to Him, and to believe in Him, and then as that relationship develops He will provide all we need in every aspect of our lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Do we believe this?  It is so easy to seek our ultimate satisfaction elsewhere. It is a great truth to reflect upon, to hang on to, to keep coming back to.
In our own extended church address list let us pray today for 2 who were starting to attend more regularly before the lockdown,
– Sally
– Terry

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