Daily email Number 167 – from the Vicar

It is Wednesday and I am back!
Our passage today is 2 Timothy Chapter 2 verses 14-26.
Here is a wonderful blueprint of what a church leader should be like, as a reminder to Timothy, who has been commissioned to lead the church in Ephesus.
And so by application I would say these principles are still relevant today for church leaders today, something for us to live up to.
But in fact there is stuff here for all of us, things to avoid, things to include and make part of our lives today.
There is a lot in here about quarrelling, 3 times the word is mentioned, also godless chatter (v.16), and foolish and stupid arguments (v.23), all of which should be avoided, all of which leads people away from the true faith, and all of which it implies is likely to lead to ungodly behaviour.
Instead, Paul wants Timothy to be a workman, ‘who correctly handles the word of truth’.  And there is a lot in this passage about truth, about knowing it and teaching it.
Truth and teaching the truth is important, because there is a direct link between what we hear and how we behave, both in negative and positive behaviour.
So Paul also speaks about turning away from wickedness (v.19), fleeing the evil desires of youth (v.22), and instead being prepared to do any good work (v.21) and pursuing things of purity like righteousness, faith, love and peace (v.22).
Let us ask the Lord to indeed put these things into practice today.
From our church address list, we particularly remember in our prayers today,
– Nova
– Shirley and family
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