Daily email Number 166 – from the Vicar

Happy Monday!  It was really good to see most of you yesterday either indoors or online at our morning services.  One person, who hadn’t experienced a physical service for a long time, said what a difference it made to be worshipping together in the same room, and how they had missed it.
Our reading from the Bible today is 2 Timothy Chapter 2 verses 1 to 13, another passage packed with many spiritual truths.
In the churches and other Christian groups that I’ve been part of over the years, v.2 is a key verse/mission statement for training others in passing on the truths of the faith, in that there are 4 levels outlined here – Paul -> Timothy -> reliable men -> others taught by those reliable men.
It isn’t just one person telling another about Jesus and then it stopping and going no further, it is a chain that keeps going.
If Ch.1 of this letter was about Paul’s suffering, here in Ch.2 Paul is warning Timothy (and us) that for all of us there are often hardships/suffering as we seek to follow the Lord Jesus.
He uses 3 pictures – a soldier (v.3), an athlete (v.5), and a hardworking farmer (v.6), each with their different issues of discipline that they need.  As the apostle Paul says in v.7, ‘Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this.’  What is the Lord saying to you and to me??
And in all this we remember Jesus Christ (v.8), raised from the dead (showing us He was fully God) and descended from David (showing us He was fully human).
And a trustworthy saying to finish (vs.11-13), which may have been an early hymn, shows us something of the relationship we have with the Lord.
From our church address list, we particularly remember in our prayers today,
– Roy & Rita
– Robert & Jan
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