Daily email Number 165 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is 2 Timothy Chapter 1 verses 8 to 18.
It has hit me afresh that there could be so much more to say in just a few verses from a letter like this, than a narrative passage like the story of Joseph we were looking at recently.
So I can’t mention everything, but if there is something that hits you as you read it feel free to send me your thoughts.
One of the words that hits me from this passage, because it is mentioned 4 times, is ‘Ashamed‘, and Paul’s instructions to Timothy not to be ashamed of testifying to his own faith, and not to be ashamed of Paul being in prison (v.8); and how he wasn’t ashamed of the content of the gospel and the resultant suffering (v.12); and how Onesiphorus wasn’t ashamed of Paul of being in prison  (v.16).
In a culture which prided itself in power (the Romans), suffering wasn’t seen to be a good thing.  And although we have different kinds of power today, I think the overall sentiments about looking down on suffering and weakness are still true today.
And do reflect on verses 9-10 as a great description of the Gospel, of being chosen and saved by grace, and of all that our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has done.
From our church address list, we particularly remember in our prayers today,
– Terry & Dawn
– Mary, Sharon’s Mum
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