Daily email Number 162 – from the Vicar

Here we have a more straightforward passage recording the death of Jacob who became Israel, as this amazing first book of the Bible comes to an end.
Do note a couple of things:
Firstly, Jacob’s desire to be buried back in Canaan, the land given to His people by God, alongside those who went before him, Abraham and Isaac.
Secondly, the honour and respect given to Jacob by the Egyptians, no doubt because he was the father of Joseph, who had saved them through the famine.
This is shown in their own days of mourning for Jacob, the trust that they give Joseph to leave them for a while to bury his father in his homeland, and in the way they accompany the burial party, so that the local Canaanites think this is actually an Egyptian ceremony (v.11)!
This is a high-point in the relationship between God’s people and Egypt, which then comes crashing down to mistrust and animosity as the next book, Exodus, begins a generation or 2 later, (quickly turn over the page or scroll down) as the good times are forgotten about – a sobering thought about what might have been.
In our praying through the church address list, we start once again back at the beginning by praying for,
– Colin & Penny
– Martin & Lucie
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