Daily email Number 151 – from the Vicar

t is Wednesday and I am back.
We are in Genesis Chapter 45 today – do read or listen to it first for yourself before reading my own notes.
Here we are, this is the BIG REVEAL, and Joseph can’t hold it in any longer and blurts it out to his brothers who he really is (vs.1-3).
The is ‘Long Lost Family’ thousands of years before ITV thought of the show!!
The brothers and later their father Jacob can’t quite believe it, it is too good to be true.
Joseph graciously seeks to deflect some of the responsibility from the brothers and say that this was all part of God’s plan (vs.5-8).  ‘Do not distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.’  Similar thoughts to our key verse in Ch.50 v.20 which I have mentioned previously.
And then there is much emotion and great weeping as it all sinks in (vs.14-15), true reconciliation is a wonderful thing.  It reminds me of Jesus’ story of the Prodigal Son in Luke Ch.15, where again there is much emotion when the prodigal comes back.  And obviously that is a picture of each person’s own reconciliation with a loving, patient heavenly Father when we come (back) to Him.
And the Egyptians too, even Pharaoh himself (v.16) are delighted at what is happening, because they all appreciate Joseph and what he has done for them.
Jesus tells us that there is a party in heaven with the angels when just one sinner repents.
There are a couple of sentences in the text which always make me smile.
After all the emotion, and the kissing and weeping, at the end of v.15 it says this, ‘Afterwards his brothers talked with him.’  It is so understated, but could tell a million stories!
And then Joseph’s final words to his brothers when they return to Canaan to fetch their father, ‘Don’t quarrel on the way!’ (v.24).  He knows them too well!!
I pray that this story will warm our hearts as we go about our day today.
Praying through our church address list, we remember today,
– Roy & Rita
– Robert & Jan
Please pray too for the Leadership Council as we meet via Zoom this evening – lots of things to discuss, decide and pray through.
One last thing – I received yesterday the latest prayer/newsletter from Fidel.  He asks to be remembered to you all.  If you would like me to forward you a copy then just let me know.
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