Daily email Number 149 – from the Vicar

Our passage from the bible today is Genesis Chapter 43.  Again like yesterday, it is quite a long passage but I think we need to read the whole chapter to get the flow of the story.  Don’t forget you can always use the audio button on the link above to the biblegateway website, and sit back and listen instead!
We read that the famine continues but the grain they had been given from the 1st visit has run out, and so Jacob wants the sons to return.  However, he is still prevaricating about allowing Benjamin to go, but it is Judah, the 4th son who is to become increasingly important in the story, who both tells it how it is (vs.3-5) and also guarantees Ben’s safety, says that he can be held personally responsible for him, and if it all goes wrong that he will bear the blame (vs.8-10).  Different from Reuben previously, and a massive change from what he was like before (remember the situation with Tamar in Ch.38 for Judah at his worst and his own humbling there).
And so they arrive in Egypt, present themselves to Joseph and when Joseph sees Ben he tells his steward to take all the brothers to his house and get a meal ready.  This rather scares the brothers, conscious of the silver situation, read v.18, and I love the comment about the donkeys!
We see their open honesty about the silver; they bring back the entire amount to pay for the grain from the 1st trip, as well as extra to pay for grain this time.  They were showing they could be trusted.  The brothers in this story were passing all the tests J was setting them.  God was humbling them and they were being changed by Him, which was evidenced by them wanting to do the right thing.
More and more I see this middle part of the story with all this to-ing and fro-ing as a key aspect/teaching point  of the whole episode.
And again we see Joseph getting emotional at what he is seeing before him, v.30.
And we also see Joseph’s prophetic dreams from the beginning of the story coming to pass, both in Ch.42 yesterday (sorry, I forgot to mention it!) and also again today (vs.26-28).  If God says it is going to happen, it will happen.
There is one more big test for the brothers to come…
Praying through our church address list, please remember in your prayers today,
– Lynn and Paul, and family
– Jason, Corette, Pieter and Zarah
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