Daily email Number 142 – from the Vicar

We continue to look at the story of Joseph, Genesis Chapter 37 verses 12-36, and the messiness and the jealousies which I mentioned last time now have an opportunity to be worked out in practice in a horrible way.
But before we go any further just to highlight a verse, a key verse which is found in the last chapter of Genesis, Ch.50 v.20, where Joseph is speaking to his brothers at the end of the story;
‘You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.’
And amidst the mess of how these horrible things work out, and this isn’t to excuse any of them, here is a reminder that actually God is in control, and will accomplish His purposes through and in spite of human sinfulness.
So in our story today we see the plotting of revenge by the brothers as a whole (vs.19-21), actually trying to stop the dreams coming to fulfilment.  But in different and slightly unconvincing ways, the eldest brother Reuben (vs.21-22) and Judah (vs.26-27) try and stop the worst thing happening, and having some sense of the value of a life.
And note the deceit, the lies and the cover-up which the sons are engaged in, keeping the truth from their father, but using all the tactics he might have used when he was younger – like father, like sons.  It is quite a scary thought, that those of who are parents or grandparents can easily pass on our worst habits to those who come after us – Lord have mercy.
And as we go through this story, besides the key verse mentioned above, I also want you to think about hints and links to One who was to come much later.
He too was misunderstood by his family, his brothers and his parents.  When he was 12 he went missing and said that He had to be in His Father’s House.
He too was a despised prophet.  God had a plan for him as well, even our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joseph isn’t THE Saviour, and so we will come to admire him, but we will not worship him.  But he is there to point us and remind us of the real one.  Our key verse could be about him as well.

In our prayers today we remember from our extended church address list,
– Beatrix and family,
– Ellie (Lynn’s daughter) and her husband Lee
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