Daily email Number 141 – from the Vicar

I’m back on the “daily round” and huge thanks to Derek for leading us for the last almost 2 weeks through an overview of the Book of Job.  I haven’t read Job for a while and I found it really helpful thinking through the suffering and faith issue, especially with all that is going on in the world.
We are also back in the Book of Genesis carrying on with the story we left back in Daily Email Number 105 on 14th July!  Since then we have gone through the Letter to the Philippians, thought about Hope with different readings from the Keswick Convention, the letter to Titus, and then as I just said the Book of Job.
So today we look at Genesis Chapter 37 verses 1 to 11, perhaps more familiar territory to some of you, where Joseph is the central character, though interesting the writer calls it an ‘account of Jacob’ (verse 2) because it is about his family of which he is now the head.
So we meet a family not at peace with itself, full of jealousy and backbiting, perhaps the natural result of one man having different wives and concubines, which would lead to cliques and factions amongst the offspring.
And this is not helped with Jacob having a favourite, Joseph, and by his actions including giving him a special robe (called elsewhere apparently the ‘amazing technicolor dreamcoat’!!) so everyone could see he was the favourite (breaking all the usual rules of parenting).
And Joseph has 2 dreams here, which as the story unfolds do come to pass – they are prophetic, but he is 17 and hasn’t yet learnt the skills of tact and diplomacy, and his brothers hated him all the more (v.8), and even his father rebukes him (v.10).  As I have said several times before looking at this special family chosen by God, what a mess!
However, do note right at the end of today’s passage (v.11), that Jacob ‘kept the matter in mind’.  He has enough experience of the Lord, and of His ‘rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness’, to realise something beyond him might be happening here.
Day off tomorrow, so we will continue on Wednesday, but if you want something for tomorrow, perhaps you could go back and read Chapter 35 again and remind yourself of the context and background.
In our extended church address list, we pray today for,
– Pat and Catherine
– Jotham and Jethro
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