Daily email Number 135 – from the Pastor

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, the gift He gave us as a special day of rest to prepare ourselves for the week to come. He made us with this built-in cycle by which we function at our optimum peak.
So, back to Job.  The stage is now set for the series of conversations between Job and his three “friends” and the mysterious Elihu, before God breaks His silence at the end and answers Job.  Job’s friends were trying to account for the outrageous misfortune that has befallen poor Job, gving him about as much comfort as hospital visitors or friends at a funeral, leaving him even more miserable!  The book of Job represents a step beyond the covenant faith assumed in most of the Old Testament, where you do good and get blessed, do bad and get punished.  This classic story of one person gave voice to questions asked by the whole nation: how can God’s chosen people suffer so many disasters?  How can I be allowed to suffer when I am a faithful believer?
But as we hinted earlier, Job is not about the problem of pain and suffering at all.  These are the ingredients of the story, but the story is about the testing of Job’s faith, and the definition of the ultimate priority in his life.  We can only understand this when we give due importance to the scene setting at the opening of the book.  Here is the clue to understanding the message of Job.  Read today these relevant passages in Job 1:6-12 and Job 2:1-7.
Pray today for:
Terry & Dawn
At our service tomorrow, we shall again “coincidentally” be looking at life’s priorities, seen from Jesus’ perspective in Luke 13:13-34.  Come back to this email tomorrow morning and read this before the service.  Roger has already sent you the link to join the service so there won’t be another email tomorrow.
Back on Monday, but see you tomorrow before then,
Pray that God will bless our time together,
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