Daily email Number 137 – from the Pastor

Continuing this week with what we can learn from the experience of Job, we have seen that Job’s plight strikes a chord with so many people because we too have put God on trial over the issue of suffering.  We demand answers from Him.  “Why Lord are you allowing this to happen?”  And so those who cannot accept belief in God conclude, “We cry into the night and there is no reply” (Bertrand Russell).  So they turn Job into the tragic hero and God into the villain. So modern man understands man as the judge and puts God in the dock to explain Himself.  The christian who believes in the word of God accepts chapters 1 & 2 that reveals that it is Job who is on trial, and that is fundamental in understanding the message of Job.
God created us with free will, so that we could choose to love Him unconditionally.  Satan’s accusation is that we will only do that if we are hoping to get something out of it.  So for us too the question is, would we still love God if every reason or advantage in serving Him is taken away from us?  So the argument of Job’s friends follows the party line that a just God will treat people fairly.  Those who obey and remain faithful, God rewards.  Those who sin, God punishes. Therefore it follows that Job’s suffering must be the result of some unconfessed sin.  If he would only repent, then God would surely pardon and restore him.  You can see this in Job 4 & 5.  We’ll continue tomorrow…
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