Daily email Number 137 – from the Pastor

We have been looking at the arguments of Job’s friends, similar to those today who want a cut and dried understanding of the way God works.  God will bless you when you are faithful to Him and you suffer when you sin, they preach.  Job’s kind of faith is not so popular, that perseveres even when nothing works out the way it should.  So Job is not comforted by the self-righteousness of his friends, when he, like any wounded child, demanded an explanation for his unfair suffering.  How dare he question God, they protest, indignantly, reminding us of that sticker: “If you feel far from God, guess who moved.”
So what should Job do?  To reject God would shatter his faith in a loving God, the most important value in his life.  But to admit that his suffering was a result of sin, would deny his own integrity, because he believes sincerely that he does not deserve it.  If God is just and Job is innocent, it doesn’t make sense.  So we see Job’s speeches containing all these elements of pain, despair and outrage.  Look at these outbursts in Job 7:1910:20-21,
14:18-1919:730:20-21, 26-27.  It seems his fear is not to deny the existence of God, but to imagine that this is what God is really like.
But in spite of everything, Job ultimately triumphs.  But we must see this tomorrow.
Let’s pray today for:
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