Daily email Number 134 – from the Pastor

As we read yesterday’s reading, we can imagine that we would classify that happening to us as a “worst-case scenario”.  The worst thing that could happen to us.  However, Job doesn’t seem to think of it like that and is able to maintain what for him is still the most important thing in his life, his faith in God. “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised”.  He is still able to rise above the thought that meaning, purpose and fulfilment in life depend on our wordly success and possessions, a common mis-perception in the human race.
Perhaps it is interesting to compare Job’s faith with the outcome in the lives of eight of the richest men in the world in the last century. Meeting in 1923, they controlled more wealth than the whole U.S. treasury.  But 27 years later, in 1948, this is what happened to them:
2 died penniless or in debt, 3 committed suicide, 1 was insane and two were released from prison to die at home.  True success is measured on the day of your death.  Job’s success at this point was to value his faith in God as greater than all his possessions.  But of course that is not the final test of faith.  Perhaps that is not yet the worst-case scenario.  Let’s read today from Job 2:7-10.  Perhaps our faith can rise above the loss of what we have, but what if we suffer in our body, constant pain, illness and disease without hope?  Will we still have the faith to hold fast to our trust in God?  Is this the ultimate test of the value of our faith?  Prayer for today: Lord would I still be able to believe in you, and trust that faith in eternal life in your presence, is the greatest and ultimate goal in life?  Lord I want to believe, help my lack of faith!
How we need the prayers of each other in the church family to keep us true, so let’s pray today for:
Lynn (with Billy) and Paul
Jason & Corette with Pieter & Zarah
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