Daily email Number 133 – from the Pastor

Isn’t it difficult to sleep, or do anything, in this heat?  It is taking an enormous amount of will power to sit down at the computer and write this!  I hope you find it easier reading it.
I wonder how you have fared at the moments in your life when you have experienced the greatest suffering?  When you have lost a loved one, or suffered some tragic loss.  Have the “comforting” words of friends really helped?  Or have you thought to yourself, “You just don’t understand”.  Job’s thoughts exactly.  Of course, most of the book, chapters 3-37, does revolve around Job’s suffering.  Nothing happening, no action, just Job’s friends offering their opinion as to why it happened and what he should do. And Job protesting that they have got it all wrong.  Unexpectedly, the book asks the questions we want answered, then turns aside to present another way of looking at the problem entirely.
Job’s friends insisted that a just, loving and powerful God ought to follow certain rules on earth, rewarding those who do good and punishing those who do evil.  Almost the entire argument of his three friends is based on this assumption.  So, if Job was suffering, he must have sinned.  But Job knew in his heart that he had done nothing to deserve this, and when we look around us we know that this does not explain the suffering of innocents, such as Jews in the holocaust, famine victims in Africa, Christians in Muslim prisons.
But even though suffering is the background to the story, it is not the central theme.
But let’s read a little more of the story in Job 1:13-22.
We’ll continue these thoughts tomorrow, but for now give a moment to pray for those highlighted today in the Church family:
Kim Bon & Sin Wei
Charlene with Ariah & Samuel
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