Daily email Number 132 – from the Pastor

It will be so good when most of us will be able to meet again.  After all, the church IS the “gathered community”.  However in the meantime, isn’t it wonderful that all this new technology came along just at the time we needed it to be able to share, and meet together virtually.  The elderly congregation at Milton haven’t been able to do that and have hastened the restart of their services, so I shall be with them physically on 6th September.
This week I would like to share some more thoughts with you from the Old Testament, after we looked at the Psalms last time.  It is thought that the book of Job was one of the first books of the Old Testament to be written. Many people turn to this book in times of suffering, looking for answers or comfort, or just trying to make sense of it all.  Some find that it raises more questions than it answers!  Let’s try and see what God wants to teach us through the book of Job 1: 1-5 sets the scene.  Let’s start there today.  There we see that the story is not myth, it is set in a geographical location and speaks of a man with a name, Job.  He was a great man, very wealthy, and very devout.  Is it easier to believe in God when you have no need or are wealthy?  We might think so, but Jesus commented, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!” (Luke 18:24).  We shall see that his wealth was not a guarantee against suffering.
Then what many people do reading Job is similar to what we do about life in general.  We take a story about a battle of faith and testing and turn it into a story about suffering.  We shall see that Job faced a crisis of faith, not of suffering.  And so do we.  We suffer an accident, face a health crisis, or lose a job and we ask “Why me?  What does God have against me?  Why doesn’t He answer my prayers?”  We focus on the circumstances as the enemy.  We ask God to change the circumstances so then we can believe that God cares.  Job teaches us that we need faith in Him most at the precise moment when it seems impossible. Enough for today.
We continue to bless each other through prayer and today focus on :
Colin and Penny
Martin & Lucie, with Naomi
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