Daily email number 102 – from the Vicar

Our Bible passage today is Exodus Chapter 15 verses 1 to 21.
Here is a hymn or song, I think the first one we have recorded in the Scriptures, as God’s people celebrate their escape from Egypt and the victory over their enemy.  And down the ages both in a religious context and also in a non-religious one, people have sung when they are happy and when they are celebrating something specific or something more generally.
And in this song it is clear that the focus is on the LORD (or Yahweh which is His name in Hebrew), He is mentioned 10 times, and that He is the reason for their victory, it is all down to Him.  The song doesn’t pull its punches, it is quite graphic in places; Pharaoh and his army, who opposed the LORD, are no more.The first 4 stanzas which take us up to v.12 tell the story of what happened, and then the 5th stanza (vs.13-18) looks ahead to the journey to the Promised Land assuming that it will be straightforward because God is on their side (hmm, we’ll see!).
And then Miriam and the women sing a shortened version (the chorus maybe?) along with tambourines and dancing (vs.20-21).

And as I said yesterday this story is remembered and retold throughout the Scriptures, sometimes in song, Psalms 78 and 106 being 2 examples.  
And today we do something similar as many of our songs and hymns look back to the Cross and the Resurrection, which yes we sing at Eastertime, but actually are suitable for singing at any time, as we celebrate our saving from sin and Jesus’ victory over death, both of which give us great hope.
So have a praise-filled day, sing loudly at home, but if you sing outside please maintain appropriate social distancing😜😜.

From our church address list please remember in your prayers today, – Derek & Joanna- Doreen

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