Daily email from the Vicar Number 92

It’s Wednesday and I’m back after an active day off.  Did a little jog with our Lucie in the morning, trying to help her get fit after having the baby, and then a lovely walk with Sue in the afternoon up at Crick, bridleway and then along the canal.
Our Bible reading today is Genesis Chapter 32 verses 1 to 21.
So after reconciling and making a covenant with Laban last time, Jacob now prepares for the BIG ONE, meeting up with his brother Esau again after 20 years, and after cheating him out of his birthright and his father’s blessing.  To say he is a bit nervous is a big understatement!  Would Esau carry out his threat to kill him?  Or would he after all these years now be willing to forgive him?
Do note as he is on his way God sent his angels to Jacob to encourage him and assure him of protection (vs.1-2).  Isn’t the Lord kind to be there just at the right time?
However, when the messengers that Jacob sent on ahead return with the news that Esau is coming to meet them with 400 men, fear and distress take over Jacob and he starts to panic (vs.3-8).
But then he prays (vs.9-12).  Again although the Lord has been guiding and blessing Jacob, and he has acknowledged that is the case (Ch.31 vs.4-9, v.42) this is the first recorded prayer since he left the Promised Land at Bethel at the end of Ch.28.
It is a good prayer, he speaks out the promises/the word of the Lord which he is relying on, he humbly acknowledges his unworthiness, he honestly admits his fear.
He then plans a generous gift in order to pacify his brother (vs.13-21).
And then like a good TV drama we’ll leave it there and leave you in suspense for what happens next!
From our church address list we pray today for,
– Roy & Rita
– Robert & Jan
And then just to follow up from Sue’s notice at the end of last Sunday’s service, and to let those who were unable to attend know as well, in our current sorting out of the church building we have realised that there is a large amount of clothes that were hanging on the hooks outside the small hall.  If you think that some items might belong to you, do contact Sue (or me) as soon as you can, otherwise it is going to a charity shop.
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