Daily email from the Vicar Number 91

It is Monday morning, so rise and shine!
Our Bible passage today is quite a long one, but you have a couple of days to read through it and reflect upon it – Genesis Chapter 31 verses 22 to 55.
Here is a story of coming to terms with a messed up situation with fault on all sides, but ends in some kind of peace and reconciliation as the past is laid to rest and the future faced.  You could split the passage up as follows:
Verses 22-30 – Laban pursues Jacob and has his say about the situation, tempered by the fact that he was under God’s warning.
Verses 31-35 – Jacob is on the defensive because of the stolen household gods, but Rachel’s deceit means they are never found.
Verses 36-42 – Jacob now goes on the offensive listing Laban’s faults.
Verses 43-55 – Laban suggests a covenant, a pillar is built as a physical witness, meals are shared, goodbyes are said.
Out of the mess, grace prevails.
We continue to pray for those in authority, for wisdom in all the decisions that need to be made in these coming days.
From our church address list we pray for,
– Terry & Dawn
– Mary, Sharon’s Mum.
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