Daily email from the Vicar Number 89

It is Saturday, so welcome to the weekend!
Our reading from the Bible today is Genesis Chapter 31 verses 1 to 21.
Things are becoming difficult for Jacob because Laban’s sons were speaking behind his back and Laban’s attitude to him had changed (vs.1-2).
But it is only when the Lord says to him that he can go back to Canaan that he gets ready to move (v.3).  That is a good principle to be guided by.
In his explanation to his wives (vs.4-9) and in the retelling of his dream (vs.10-13) he makes it clear that if wasn’t for God’s hand upon him, protecting him and providing for him in adversity, he would be nothing.  It is a good testimony to have.
Rachel and Leah agree to go, for them it is obviously a step of faith because they are leaving the land and family they grew up with, but they are obedient to the word of God (vs.14-16).
But in their leaving or rather fleeing, there is still deceit; from Jacob in not telling Laban what he was doing, and also from Rachel in stealing her father’s household gods (vs.17-21).  Obviously Rachel is not yet completely free from her pagan background.
However, there is reconciliation, much of it, to come…  O, how often we need that!
I was struck watching the news last night the horrendous and tragic mess that is the country and people of Yemen, ravaged by civil war and now Coronavirus.  Do pray that the nations of the world and particularly the main players would come to their senses and cease, and rather turn their thoughts and actions to those most in need.
In our church address list today we pray for,
– Kim Bon & Sin Wei,
– Charlene, along with Ariah and Samuel
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