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As we continue the story of Jacob our Bible passage today is Genesis Chapter 30 verses 25-43.
Jacob indicates his desire to go home to Canaan (verse 25) and here begins a battle of the minds with Laban who doesn’t want him to leave because,
a) when Jacob is around he (Laban) seems to do very well out of it due to the Lord’s blessing (vs.27 & 30)
b) he will lose touch with his daughters and his grandchildren.
And because Laban makes it so hard, this process of leaving will take 6 years as we shall see in the next chapter.
But here in our reading today we see that Laban and Jacob agreed a certain price for him staying for a bit, all the sheep, goats and lambs of a certain style (vs.31-34), but then Laban deceives Jacob and takes them all himself (v.35) and gives them to his sons leaving Jacob with none of that style.
But then Jacob with what looks like some kind of superstitious fertility practice and other tactics (vs.37-43) deceives Laban again by restoring his numbers and giving Laban the weaker animals, although again in the next chapter we will see that he succeeds only because of the Lord’s intervention.
The Lord’s best plans and the Lord’s best timing will not be thwarted by human scheming.  Both Laban and Jacob don’t come out of this looking good, and any success is down to the Lord’s mercy and grace, it is not deserved.  So I don’t think the message of the passage is to be as sneaky as possible in life and business, and hope that the Lord’s kindness will bail you out!!
Lynn has asked for our prayers for her husband Billy who has to go for a kidney x-ray after other tests, and she is obviously concerned.
In our church address list we are back to beginning again so please remember in your prayers,
– Colin & Penny
– Martin & Lucie
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