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It is Wednesday and I’m back!
Our Bible passage today is Genesis Chapter 29 verses 1 to 30.
As we read about Jacob travelling to his mother’s home region looking for her family, you will hopefully recognise some similarities in the story of when Abraham’s servant travelled to the same place looking for a bride for Jacob’s father Isaac (from back in Chapter 24).
Nowadays people find partners on the internet, years ago it was the dance hall, in this era it seems that the well outside the village was a good place to meet people!!
Jacob was welcomed warmly as a member of the family, just like his grandfather’s servant all those years ago was welcomed.
Jacob is desperate to marry Rachel and is very happy to work for Laban for 7 years, which goes in a flash, what a great line verse 20 is.
But the irony in the story is that Jacob the great deceiver is deceived himself by Laban and he ends up marrying the wrong girl, in his mind.  How he doesn’t realise until the following morning (v.25), I’m not quite sure!!  Something about veils and the dark I presume!
Laban then gives Rachel to Jacob as well, for another 7 years work, but although Jacob might be pleased, his next load of problems are just about to begin.
I think the Bible is clear that polygamy (a husband with many wives) was not part of God’s original plan, but it honestly tells the stories where it occurs, often without specifically saying, ‘this is wrong’, but as it almost always leads to families being all messed up it leaves the readers to come to their own conclusions.
And through it all the Lord’s plans will prevail, He is not put off by human failings.
The story continues tomorrow…
In our prayers as lockdown continues to be eased, we pray for wisdom for all those who have to make decisions about the future, businesses and other entities as well as individuals, and we pray for protection for the most vulnerable.
Praying through our extended church address list, we remember today those who come regularly to Here 4 You which is currently closed, who haven’t been mentioned previously,
– Tracey,
– Melanie,
– Chris,
– Mikala & family
Then finally a reminder of a possible little Bible Study/Question and Answer session on the issues raised in Romans Chs.3 & 4, a Zoom get together THIS evening at 7pm, for as long or as short as you wish, purely voluntary.
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