Daily email from the Vicar Number 85

Good to see a number of you yesterday at our Zoom service.
We are back to our story in Genesis, and looking today at Chapter 28 verses 10 to 22.
This is the first of 2 special encounters which Jacob has with the Lord as he leaves and then many years later returns to the promised land.
Firstly to say that this encounter is purely down to the grace and kindness of God.  Jacob, as we have been reading recently, doesn’t deserve this; he has forcibly bought his brother’s birthright and then tricked his father into giving him his brother’s blessing, and so is having to flee because his brother has got it in for him!
But laying aside this messy context, it is also a reminder (and I’ve said this already with Isaac) that each generation/person needs to have their own encounter with the Lord,  initiated by Him (vs.13-16) and then make their own personal response (vs.20-22), ‘then the Lord will be MY God’.
Some of us have the privilege of growing up in a believing family, others not, but although Christian teaching and influence can be passed down, a personal response is always needed.  We can be blessed by the faith of those who have gone before, but we cannot rely on it, it needs to be ours as well, as it was for Jacob.
Then a little New Testament link in that the ladder or stairway in Jacob’s dream (v.12) is alluded to by the Lord Jesus as he speaks to and reveals Himself to a sceptical Nathanael at the beginning of His ministry (John Chapter 1 verse 51).  Jesus is the One who came from heaven and the bridge from earth back to heaven.
Let us pray today for those struggling in this lockdown with their mental health, or because they are feeling very isolated and lonely, that they would receive the help that they need.
In our own extended church address list please pray for 2 who were starting to attend more regularly before the lockdown,
– Sally
– Terry
And then finally just to follow up my invitation at the service yesterday to continue a discussion/answer questions on the issues raised in Romans Chs.3 & 4, then I am suggesting a Zoom get together on Wednesday evening at 7pm, for as long or as short as you wish, purely voluntary.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 831 8851 9979
Password: 732605

Day off tomorrow, back on Wednesday.
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