Daily email from the Vicar Number 82

Hope you are doing okay and keeping on persevering in these times.
From my experience our feelings go up and down quite a bit at the moment, which leads to some days where we cope well, and others when we really struggle.  Keep looking to the Lord, I know I need to.
Our Bible reading today is Genesis Chapter 27 verse 41 through to Chapter 28 verse 9, because it is sort of one account across the chapter divide.
Well, well, after the deceit and trickery of yesterday’s story things in the family are not hunky dory, what a surprise!
The passage begins, ‘Esau held a grudge against Jacob…’ with a plan to kill him when the time was right (v.41).
And so when Rebekah hears about this (v.42) she is both wise and cunning in sending Jacob away for his own safety (vs.42-44), but with a good excuse that Jacob shouldn’t find a wife amongst the local women but rather from her own people, and also cleverly gets Isaac on board with the plan (v.46).
Its a family soap opera, Eastenders and Corrie, you’ve got nothing on this!
– Note too Rebekah is hoping this might be for a short time (v.44), but actually it takes 20 years before Jacob returns, and Rebekah will never see him again, quite a sacrifice.
– Also Isaac passes on to Jacob the blessing originally given to his father, Abraham, of being fruitful, and of land, and of becoming a community of peoples, and apparently the root of the word used here can be linked to the OT word for congregation or church.  And of course the blessing to Abraham and his seed ultimately points us to Jesus Christ.
– And if we are tempted to feel a bit sorry for Esau who has lost his birthright and his father’s blessing, he doesn’t help himself by marrying again, an Ishmaelite woman (v.9), to add to the 2 local Hittite wives that he already had, who were a source of grief to Isaac and Rebekah (Ch.26 vs.34-35).
So it is all a bit of a mess, but the Lord is very good at bringing hope out of a mess, as we shall see, but there are still a number of bumps on the road ahead!
In our prayers let us continue to pray for those in authority, nationally and more locally, in all the difficult decisions that they have to make all the time, for wisdom, for guidance from above, for a heart to watch over the most vulnerable.
In our church address list we pray for,
– Azaria, Charlene’s older niece, and Vinny.
– Roger, Sue & Daniel.
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