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Good morning everyone, as we receive the blessing of rain today!
Our Bible reading today is Genesis Chapter 27 verses 1 to 40, another long-ish passage, but I think we need to read it all to get the full meaning/impact.
As I have said MANY times before the Bible is an honest book showing people warts and all, and I don’t think any of the 4 main characters cover themselves with glory.  And although Jacob gains a reputation for scheming and deceiving, we see here Rebekah, the lovely beautiful Rebekah, the mastermind behind this particular plan.  It is quite a shock. Families, eh?!
And yet the mystery and wonder of it all is that the Lord’s plans still prevail and His will cannot be thwarted.  When the twins were in the womb, the Lord said to Rebekah, that the older would serve the younger (Ch.25 v.23).  We don’t know for sure whether Isaac and Rebekah knew that Esau had agreed to sell his birthright to his brother (Ch.25 vs.31-34), but it would be a reasonable assumption that Jacob had told Rebekah because they were close.
As we look at the Lord’s big plan of salvation which will involve Jacob and his family, this doesn’t excuse anyone’s sinful behaviour, but it is a helpful reminder that the Lord can work and does work through the mess of our human lives and families.
And do note as the story continues that Jacob the deceiver is himself deceived later on in different ways; and truth and trusting people, especially those closest to him, is something that he has to continue to face and work through for the rest of his life, as the Lord moulds him and shapes him.
Although we are no longer officially clapping the NHS on a Thursday evening let us continue to pray for those working in the Health Service and also Care Homes at this time, giving thanks for their commitment and care, and praying for their protection.
In our church address list, please pray for.
– Doreen
– Sharon & George.
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