Daily email from the Vicar Number 80

It is Wednesday, and I’m back.
A slightly longer Bible passage today, Genesis Chapter 26, but it might have a familiar feel to it as we see history repeat itself.
But I think it shows us that in each generation and situation each person has to develop their own relationship with the Lord, to receive from Him and to worship and obey Him, and not to just rely on the faith of those who have gone before.  And also to work out what it means to be a follower of the Lord in a world that is often hostile to Him.
So we see,
– The Lord graciously repeating His covenant promises personally to Isaac (vs.4-6)
– Isaac repeating the mistake his father has also made! (vs.7–11)
– The Lord’s blessing of Isaac leading to trouble, jealousy and envy, with others as it had done with Abraham(vs.12-22)
– Isaac worshipping the Lord himself (v.25)
 – Isaac working with his neighbours in a pragmatic and generous way, as his father had done (vs.26-31).
You could say that Isaac’s role wasn’t one of pioneering as his father, but one more of consolidation, which is absolutely fine.  One writer puts it like this,
‘Through this collection of incidents we see how God’s promises made initially to Abraham were even more abundantly fulfilled in the life of Isaac.  Once again, this was not always the result of his virtue but happened despite his mistakes.  The timid can experience divine blessings as much as those who respond to God’s call with greater confidence.’
The Leadership Council are meeting for business and prayer this evening, do hold us in your own prayers.
And in our church address list we pray for,
– Tina,
– Derek & Joanna
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