Daily email from the Vicar Number 79

Good to see a number of you “at church” yesterday.  People are obviously beginning to talk about next steps, but it is not clear what they might be.  Please pray for wisdom, guidance and protection for us all.
Our reading from the Bible today is Genesis Chapter 25 verses 19 to 34.
And for a short passage it covers a long period of time, Rebekah is 20 years childless after she and Isacc are married before the twins are born, and then suddenly they are young adults grown up.
We trust that the Word of God dwells slowly on things that matter and runs quickly through time and events that are less important to God’s purposes in telling His story of salvation.
But do note that the Lord’s plans sometimes involve a lot of waiting (and being childless can be a particular hard form of waiting), and like Sarah before her, Rebekah had to wait, and in the big Bible story there are others who will follow who have to endure similar waiting.
The Lord’s plans sometimes turn the usual way of things upside down like when the younger one is chosen for His special purposes, first Isaac and now Jacob.
The Lord’s plans sometimes involve the most unlikely of characters, who are a bit messed up, like scheming Jacob, who the Lord will be slowly refining and conforming to the image of His Son, like He does with you and me.
From our church address list we remember in our prayers today,
– Nova
– Shirley and family
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