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Good morning, it is Saturday, and still no football, but it is coming back soon, good news for some, not so good for others!
Our Bible passage today is Genesis Chapter 25 verses 1 to 18.
It is a passage that is full of names, you wouldn’t want to read this aloud in church(!), and it marks an end to an era as we read about the death of Abraham, ‘an old man and full of years’.
And although the emphasis in the book of Genesis is the key characters of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through whom the promise of salvation will work, the mainline of descendants if you like, the sidelines through Keturah (vs.1-4) and through Hagar/Ishmael (vs.12-18) are not completely ignored.
The promise of the Lord to Abraham that he would have many descendants, as many as the stars in the sky (Chapter 15 verse 5), is being fulfilled.
And then do note some interesting names in these lists, Midian (v.2) and Ephah (v.4); Nebaioth and Kedar (v.13) which all reappear in Isaiah’s prophecy, Chapter 60 verses 6-7, which looks ahead to a (Messianic) time when all the nations will come and worship the Lord, the one true God, which is the REAL BIG picture of what it is all about.
Please pray for the Lord’s protection and good sense on behalf of the people as lockdown measures begin to ease, especially over this weekend.
In our church address list we pray today for,
– Terry & Dawn,
– Mary (Sharon’s mum)
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