Daily email from the Vicar Number 76

We take up the story again of Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis Chapter 24 verses 28 to 67, quite a long passage, so sit back and enjoy.
I will say again arranged marriages, where the couple have never seen each other, seem very strange to us, but were the custom then, and still are in some cultures in the world today.  However, the Lord Himself is very much involved in the arranging here, and everyone seems very happy with the outcome.
Do note a few things as you read the passage, all of them I think good lessons for us to reflect upon and put into practice in our own lives;
– the gracious hospitality of Rebekah’s family, led here by her brother Laban (vs.28-33).
– when this unnamed servant of Abraham tells his story how he credits the Lord so often for His leading and guiding, and for answering his prayers so brilliantly (vs.34-49).
– how Laban and Bethuel immediately see that this is the Lord at work (vs.50-51).
– how when a slight disagreement about whether Rebekah should go immediately or wait 10 days they ask Rebekah herself for a decision (vs.54-58)
– the faith of Rebekah to leave everything and go (as Abraham had done previously) and the blessing of her family to allow her to do so (vs.59-61)
– the happy ending (vs.66-67) – oh how I love a happy ending!!
In our prayers please continue to pray for our friend Jane, following the loss of her husband Mark, but for all who have lost loved ones through the Coronavirus.
In our church address list please pray today for,
– Lynn and Paul and family
– Jason, Corette, Pieter and Zarah
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