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Happy Wednesday, I’m back!
Our Bible passage today is Genesis Chapter 24 verses 1 to 27, the first part of a lovely little story, with a happy ending.
So as they used to say on the radio a long time ago, ‘Are you sitting comfortably, now I’ll begin…’, and just enjoy the story.
A few notes though to help us appreciate and understand:
– This is a story of its time, so there are some customs which seem strange to us, including the servant putting his hand under Abraham’s thigh to swear an oath (vs.2, 9)!!
– And obviously this is an arranged marriage, although in the end more arranged by the hand of God then any human person, and also as we will see, no coercion involved.
– Abraham’s conditions include finding a bride for Isaac from his own people (v.3), but not allowing Isaac to go himself, because he believed in the promises of God that they should stay in the land that He had given (v.7), both I think very wise in the circumstances.
– And I love how we see this unnamed man praying to the living God (vs.12-14), and praising and thanking Him when He sees his prayers being answered (vs.26-27).  Remember it is only in Chapter 18 (although several years ago) that we first see prayers of intercession, and we have only really seen the interactions between the Lord and the key people, but now we see prayer can be for anyone.
Part 2 of the story tomorrow…
In our prayers continue to pray for families with children at home during these different times, for love, kindness and patience as they continue with further enforced time together with no school for many of them, and for the Lord’s special protection for those who might be vulnerable in any way.
And from our own church address list, please pray for,
– Kim Bon & Sin Wei,
– Charlene, along with little Ariah and Samuel.
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