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Today is Saturday, and it is the weekend, in case you haven’t noticed!!

We’ll look again at Genesis Chapter 22, for our Bible reading, as it is such a key passage.

As I suggested yesterday it points ahead to an event that will happen some 2000 years later.

Note that several times we read that the Lord says to Abraham about Isaac, ‘your only son, whom you love’, which reminds us of the words from heaven to Jesus at both His baptism and the Transfiguration, ‘This is my Son, whom I love’.

And then the place where all this took place, Moriah, is a group of hills where Jerusalem now is, including the Temple Mount and Calvary.

There was a talk from this passage at the Keswick Convention last year.  The speaker said this,

‘This story is pointing forward 2,000 years in history to when Jesus would carry the wood for his own execution up the very same hill.  Just like Isaac, Jesus walks willingly.  He is the Lamb of God provided for our salvation and God does not spare himself the agony of the sacrifice of the Son, but he does spare Abraham.  What he delivers Abraham from, he willingly does himself.’

Take some time to marvel at the grace and kindness of God,and to give thanks again for the willing sacrifice of the Lord Jesus that we might be forgiven and restored.

Then a small final point, in the list of names (vs.20-23), which are Abraham’s wider family, do note in the middle Bethuel, who became the father of Rebekah, both of whom we will come across again sometime next week.

Here are the details once again of our Service tomorrow morning at 11am which will include Communion, bring your own…!

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Password: 736794

Then finally 2 quick notices;

Firstly for the men, don’t forget the men’s meeting on Depression hosted by Moulton Parish Church on Monday evening, you should sign up if you want to go.

Then secondly Robert has received the following from the Chair of the Friends of Bethany, where Terry & Dawn live, and who we support as a church,

It seems appropriate today, after hearing the daily briefing, to email again re FOB Face Coverings.

Thank you to those who have already supported Bethany Homestead by buying their face coverings from myself. 28 have been sold, delivered, posted so far @ £2 each. Quite a bargain if you compare with the internet! Washable and fun as well as practical. Adult and child sizes available.

With the latest instruction to wear face coverings on all forms of public transport, I am sure you could help by telling those you know where they can be obtained, very reasonably, whilst supporting a really good cause. Please email r.davis11@ntlworld.com if you would like one (or more!).

We can deliver if local or post if not. Where there is a will there is a way!

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