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Lovely to see a good number of you yesterday at Zoom Church, thank you again to Derek for an inspiring message on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

It links in well with the Action point from yesterday’s Thy Kingdom Come material,
‘The next time you have an opportunity to share your faith and talk about the love of Jesus, consciously remind yourself that the Holy Spirit lives within you.’
Today we return to the story of Abraham in the Book of Genesis, and a short, wonderful and important passage to get us going again, Genesis Chapter 21 verses 1 to 7.
Here the Lord’s promises start to be fulfilled as Sarah bears Abraham a son in his old age, when she is beyond the usual child-bearing age, even accepting that people seemed to live a lot longer back in those days.
The son is called Isaac (v.3), a name given by the Lord, which means ‘He laughs’ and both Abraham and Sarah had previously laughed to themselves when they had been told beforehand what was going to happen. The laughter previously had a touch of disbelief that such a thing might happen, but now they are completely overjoyed (v.6).
It shows us that the Lord is faithful, and His promises are trustworthy, He does what He says He is going to do (3 times mentioned in vs.1-2).
St Paul in the New Testament (Galatians Ch.4 v.23) describes Isaac as one ‘born as the result of the promise’, ie God acted in a supernatural way.  But also the Galatian Christians, and by extension us as well who are believers are also ‘children of promise’ (Galatians Ch.4 v.30).  So we are spiritually connected with Isaac, that we come into God’s family not because we are naturally born that way, but through the promises of God through Christ, that as we receive and believe in Christ we are adopted into His family. 
In our prayers continue to pray for your 5 who hopefully you have been praying for during Thy Kingdom Come.  We will return to the church address list later in the week.
Please keep praying too for Champa’s family and the whole community out in Kolkata, India.  She was sharing after the service yesterday that things are still VERY desperate out there.
Day off tomorrow so will resume daily emails on Wednesday.
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