Daily email from the Vicar Number 65

It is Saturday and the 10th day of Thy Kingdom Come, and using the material that they suggest to help us in praying for others, especially our 5.  Today’s overall theme is Silence – a gentle whisper.
Our Bible reading is 1 Kings Chapter 19 verses 11 to 13, part of the story of Elijah.

Silence has always been a big part of spiritual practice, but many have never tried it!
Solitude and silence can help us hear from God, because we can easily lose sensitivity to that still, small voice in all the noise and activity of our lives. In silence, you realise how little you hear that voice at other times.

Silence can be hard. Life is busy and finding a space and time for silence can be difficult. You have a thousand thoughts, like “what’s for dinner?”! 
But the beauty of silence is that it’s not God speaking through someone else, such as in a sermon or a Christian book, but God speaking directly to you.
… be silent …

Try silent prayer for five minutes – even if it’s difficult! 

Make a note afterwards of anything God seemed to say to you, through thoughts or feelings that came into your mind.
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