Daily email from the Vicar Number 63

It is Thursday and I hear it may be the last official “clap-the-carers” occasion at 8pm this evening.
It is the 8th day of Thy Kingdom Come, and using the material that they suggest to help us in praying for others, especially our 5.  Today’s overall theme is Adore and asking the question, ‘Who shall separate us?’
Our Bible reading is Romans Chapter 8 verses 37 to 39.

We expect there must be something that can separate us from the love of God. But God is saying, ‘I don’t care where you are, what you’re doing, how far away you are:
my love for you will not change.’ Sometimes we think that God’s love is dependent on the way we act. But God is saying, ‘Listen, not even the heights of this earth could
separate me or stop me from loving you.’
Christianity is first a relationship with God through Jesus, not first a series of activities!
The love of God is ultimately expressed in the Cross of Christ, which stands for all time as the sign and assurance of God’s unchanging love.


Loving God, thank You for Your love from which nothing can separate us, and which does not depend on our efforts. 

Please reveal this love and the peace it brings, in the lives of the five people I am praying for.

Think about how you can show someone that they are loved and known by God.
One other thing for your prayers.  Champa has been in touch to say that her hometown near Kolkata (previously Calcutta) has been hit badly by a 125mph storm with damage to electricity and the ability to get clean water.  Also another storm may be on the way plus also a possible locust invasion.  Please pray for Champa’s sister and the rest of the wider family, and also for the authorities as they try and fix things and seek to bring other help.  Pray for the Lord’s mercy to be shown to that part of His world.
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