Daily email from the Vicar Number 56

It is Thursday, Bin Day in these parts, Clap the NHS day, and more importantly in the life of the church, Ascension Day when we remember the Lord Jesus returning to heaven, and also the start of Thy Kingdom Come (TKC).  So I thought we would take a break from the story of Abraham and come back to him later.
We are joined today in our “daily email church” by Ellie, Lynn’s daughter, welcome Ellie!
Our Bible reading is Acts Chapter 1 verses 6 to 14, which sets the scene for this time in the church’s year, and the basis for TKC.  I will be speaking more from this passage this coming Sunday.
And then on this first day of TKC with the theme of Jesus, also do look at John Chapter 3 verses 16-17.
John 3.16 is one of the best-known verses in the Bible because it emphasises God’s love for everyone. Jesus didn’t just love those who are easy to love, He loved the people
who hated Him, who despised Him; He loved the people that others looked down on. He didn’t just love some people – He loved the whole world.
This speaks about the action that God took to show His love towards us – it shows us how love is an active word. God loved us so much that He chose to send His beloved
child for us. Not because of anything that we did, not because we deserved it; but because He’s a loving God. God’s love is selfless and sacrificial and shows us what we
are worth to Him. If God can love anyone, the least we can do is to do the same.
Then in your prayers do pray for the 5 or so people you want to come to know Jesus for themselves.
Loving God, thank You that You gave Your Son Jesus for me, and for all people. Help me accept the love that You showed me in sending Your Son. I pray for my five friends.
Please open their hearts to Your love. And teach me to love more truly.
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