Daily email from the Vicar Number 55

Our Bible reading today is Genesis Chapter 20.
If you read the passage and think this is a bit familiar, you are right.  Abraham makes a similar error/half lie as he did back in Chapter 12, passing off Sarah as his sister and not his wife.
My study Bible says, ‘Abraham’s half-truth (in verse 12) was a sinful deception, and not a legitimate explanation.’
It is a comfort to us, though NOT an excuse, that others can repeatedly fail at the same temptation, like some of us sometimes do.
But the Lord in His mercy intervenes and through a dream (verses 3-7) saves Abimelech from unwittingly doing something he shouldn’t.  And also spares Sarah, who is going to be the mother of the promised offspring.  His purposes will not be thwarted by human sin and frailties.
Abraham for all his faith and trust, is also subject to fear, read verse 11.  Abraham had to learn that the Lord is bigger and more powerful than those around him, whom he thought were very evil.  That is a good lesson for us as well.
And at the end Abraham prays and there is healing and restoration, another sign of the Lord’s mercy and kindness.
Pray today for those who are feeling very frustrated and worse because of the continuing lockdown, pray for patience and a sign of the goodness of God.
From our extended address list please remember in your prayers today,
– Pat & Catherine,
– Jotham and Jethro.
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