Daily email from the Vicar Number 54

Happy Monday.  It was good to see a number of you yesterday afternoon, and apologies again for those who tried unsuccessfully to join us in the morning.  Thank you again too for those who were willing to share some of the things they had been reading/learning in this period of lockdown.
We have reached in our readings about the life of Abraham and those around him, an infamous passage, Genesis Chapter 19.
As there is no email tomorrow, you might like to split it as Chapter 19 verses 1-16 today, and verses 17-38 tomorrow.  Or read it all today and have a lie-down and a cold flannel on your head tomorrow!
Now I wouldn’t want to start here with enquirers or new Christians, but at some point in our Christian lives we do need to grapple with the more difficult passages of Scripture, and see what the Lord is saying, and learn from these things in our own lives today.
Here is an account of various sexual sins, violence, a breaking of hospitality (very important in the culture of the time), and Lot is desperately trying to do the right thing in the midst of much wickedness, but also suggesting unhelpful things.
He is reaping the consequences of a decision back in Chapter 13 to live in a “more attractive” place which was not helpful, if not outright dangerous, to his spiritual and physical life. And although the Lord in His mercy saves Lot and his family (vs.12-16), in response to Abraham’s praying in the previous chapter, ‘the Lord remembered Abraham’ (v.29), the last section (vs.30-38) portrays the pathetic end of a righteous man who had compromised with the world.
Oh what lessons for those who desire to follow the Lord, and yet are tempted by the attractions and pleasures of the world, whatever they might be;
– a desire to live in a nicer place that means we lose connection with the people of God,
– a desire to try and fit in with ungodly people so that our thinking is skewed,
– a temptation to look back to the pleasures of the old life when we should be going forward to a new place with the Lord,
– a desire to force our own agenda and timing and not trust the Lord for His.
Do pray for our own lives, hearts and minds, as well as each other’s.
In our church address list please pray today for,
Azaria, Charlene’s older niece, and Vinny,
Roger, Sue and Daniel.
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