Daily email from the Vicar Number 53

It is Sunday, the day of Resurrection and Zoom day!
I normally point you to the Bible passage we are going to use in the morning service, but as we have a small number of different ones for our “bring and share” service today I thought I would continue with our journey through Genesis.  Perhaps this might be something for you to read later today.
So today’s passage is Genesis Chapter 18 verses 16-33.
I think I read somewhere a long time ago, that Abraham’s pleading for the Lord to be merciful to Sodom because of the righteous people there is the first example of intercessory prayer (praying for other people) in the whole of the Bible.
At first it looks a bit like haggling, but one Bible expert thinks a better description might be ‘exploring’ as Abraham works out what he is doing.
Do note Abraham’s humble and cautious attitude through it all, he knows whom he is speaking to, and all of it is based on the faith/belief behind the 2nd great rhetorical question in this chapter, ‘Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?’ (verse 25).  These are principles which should shape OUR praying.
And at the beginning of this section the Lord and His companions are discussing their plans both for Abraham (vs.18-19) and for the judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah (vs.20-21) in Abraham’s presence, because he was God’s friend.
So this whole section is a picture of what it is like for us as well, that the Lord reveals to His covenant people something of His purposes for them and for the whole world in His Word (though not always every small detail) and allows our voices to be heard in the court of heaven as we bring our prayers to Him.  What a privilege!
I wonder if you noticed an accidental mistake in our praying through the church address list, that Tina and Derek & Joanna got double whammy, 2 days running, I hope they feel blessed!
Today we pray for,
– Doreen
– Sharon & George.  (also Sharon let me know this morning that her Mum came out of hospital yesterday, PTL!)
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