Daily email from the Vicar Number 51

Our Bible passage today is Genesis Chapter 17.
The Lord meets with Abram again, and more of His plan is revealed.  He is gracious and generous and has done this in stages, so Abram can take it in step by step, but it does mean learning patience as he doesn’t know everything straightaway (good lessons for us today!).
Key things in this chapter:
– Abram and Sarai both have their name changed by God – Abram means exalted father, Abraham means father of many.  Names were very significant in those days.
– God establishes His covenant (a special contract initiated by Him) not just with Abraham but with the generations that will follow (verse 7), but as a sign of accepting and keeping that covenant Abram and all males in the household must be circumcised (verses 9-14).
– Sarah herself, even though very old, is promised a child who will be called Isaac (verse 19), and he will be the means of the covenant to follow.
– Ishmael and his descendants will be blessed by the Lord, but the covenant will be with Isaac (verses 20-21).
If you want to share something or choose a hymn or song for this Sunday’s service, can you please let me know by the end of today, so I can put everything in some kind of order tomorrow.  Currently it is going to be quite a short service!!
I will send the link in a separate email.
Please pray for children and young people at home, and for their parents and families, it isn’t easy for them at the moment, especially those with confined space.
In our church address list please remember in your prayers,
– Tina
– Derek & Joanna
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