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Happy Wednesday.
Our Bible passage today is Genesis Chapter 15, an important chapter in the big Bible Story.
It contains the 2nd lot of promises to Abram from the Lord after the ones at the beginning of Chapter 12.  In this Chapter Abram gets the promise of an heir from his own body (verse 4), because he is very worried that he is childless (verses 2-3), which will lead to many descendants (v.5).  And he is also promised land (verses 7, 18-20).
And then importantly we see Abram’s response (v.6), that he believed the Lord, and He credited it to him as righteousness; that is Abram was put right with God through faith, believing and trusting God.
And St Paul in the NT makes much of this, a key chapter would be Romans Chapter 4 (look it up if you have time), that all this happens BEFORE circumcision and also the giving of the law (both very important to the Jews).
Abram is a model for all those who follow, including us, that we are put right with God by faith and not by works, by believing in what God has done (in Christ), and not what we do (our own works).
Do note in this important chapter words of prophecy about the Jews going down to Egypt for a time (vs.13-14), fulfilled in Joseph’s time and beyond to the time of Moses.  Also a little reference in verse 16 to the sin of the Amorites, one of the local tribes, which is an indication that they were not godly at all, and gives some explanation why they were wiped out much later in the time of Joshua.
Big stuff here, please ask if you’ve got questions or anything is not clear.
Don’t forget if you would like to share something or choose a hymn or song in this Sunday’s service, do let me know as soon as you can.
In our church address list we pray today for,
– Roy & Rita
– Robert & Jan
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