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Good to see many of you at our service yesterday, I thought Malcolm spoke so well and so clearly.
A bit of deeper reading today for you.  I said last time we were going to do a bit of a detour to think a bit more about this strange character from Genesis Chapter 14, Melchizedek.
He is mentioned again in Psalm 110 verse 4, which is then quoted again in Hebrews Chapters 5 & 7.
So if you can, and you have 2 days to do this(!), read Hebrews Chapter 5 verses 1 to 10 and Hebrews Chapter 7.
Basically the message, argued very logically, is that Melchizedek, who is both a king and a priest, prefigures, that is points ahead to, the Lord Jesus, who is also both king and priest.  And that Jesus is a better high priest and can perfectly draw us to God, which the usual Old Testament priesthood descended from Levi and Aaron and linked to the Law cannot do.
So this strange little incident with Abram and Melchizedek in Genesis Chapter 14, which we might think unimportant, the New Testament says yes it is important because it points to Jesus, and shows how important and special He is and what He came to do.
We will resume back in Genesis on Wednesday after my day off tomorrow.  Any questions on any of this, don’t hesitate to ask, we love to help, if we can!
In our church address list please remember in your prayers today,
– Terry & Dawn
– Mary, Sharon’s Mum, still in hospital but improving a little.
And then finally to say, if you have anything you would like to share in this Sunday’s service, a Bible passage, a spiritual thought, a lesson you have learnt in lockdown, a hymn or song and why it is important to you, then do let me know as soon as you can.  It doesn’t have to be very long, or it can be(!), please just contribute if you can.
Until Wednesday, may God bless you and have a good week,
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