Daily email from the Vicar Number 45

Happy VE day!
Also to let you know, our Lucie gave birth to a baby boy, Harley George this born morning at 6.18am.  It was a very long labour, but as they say mother and baby doing fine, and we are very thankful for the Lord’s protection.
Our Bible passage today, Genesis Chapter 13, shows Abram in a much better light than yesterday.
He returns from Egypt a wealthy man and retraces his steps to where he had called upon the Lord previously.
However, there were tensions between his men and Lot’s men because they were too numerous and so Abram acted wisely (verse 8) and generously (verse 9) by giving Lot the choice even though Abram was the senior person.
However Lot looked selfishly at what he could see, the well-watered land (verse 10), and coveted, even though he probably knew he was courting temptation because it was near Sodom (verse 13).
By faith Abram chose what was unseen, and was rewarded and blessed by the Lord (verses 14-17).  Note 3 times the Lord speaks of A’s offspring or seed, even though at that point he had no children.
In our prayers let us pray for the peace of the world, for areas still in conflict, and pray that more countries and leaders would have the attitude of Abram.
In our church address list, we start back at the beginning and pray for,
– Colin & Penny
– Martin & Lucie
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