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Thursday again, it comes round so quickly, bin day around here and clap the NHS tonight.
Our passage today is Genesis Chapter 12 verses 10-20.
It is a clear signal at the beginning of the story of Abram, that although he is one of the towering figures in the whole of the Bible, and commended in many ways, he is not perfect, he makes mistakes and sins, so he is not going to be the perfect sinless Saviour that human beings need to defeat the evil one.  He will come later!!
Here in a difficult situation, famine in the land (verse 10), Abram leaves the land that he has been given, and in a foreign land fear of man replaces trust in God as his guiding principle.  He plots with Sarai to tell a half-truth, we find out later that she was a sort of step-sister, but to deny they are married.
Out of this lie he does well materially/financially (verse 16), oh dear!
However the Lord intervenes by sending plagues on Pharaoh and his household (verse 17), and it turns out that at this point Pharaoh has a better idea of right and wrong than Abram, oh dear!  And so A is sent back to the land he is meant to be in (verse 20).
The Lord God in His desire to fulfil the promises to Abram at the beginning of Chapter 12 graciously overrules the mistakes and unbelief of those He has called.
Well that is a great relief to folk like you and me.  He saves us when we are undeserving and whilst we are still sinners.
On Thursdays I encourage you to pray for all the workers in the NHS, hospitals, GP surgeries and out in the community, and give thanks for their skills and courage., and pray for their protection.
In our extended church address list please pray for our overseas contacts, Fidel & Christine and the children in Kenya, Hannah usually in Tunisia but actually back home with her parents in Derbyshire, Saw Myint (our Crosslinks student) in Myanmar, and Frank & Val in Nazareth.
I am conscious that however hard things are here, they could be many times worse in the countries these folks represent.
May the Lord bless us all today,
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