Daily email from the Vicar Number 43

Happy Wednesday.
Firstly we welcome to the Daily email “congregation” Carl & Emily Smith from Devon, friends of Terry & Dawn, and former members of Kings Heath Baptist Church.
Secondly, for those who haven’t heard Rita came out of hospital on Sunday afternoon, praise the Lord.  Continue to pray for her that she may regain better health.
Also continue to pray for Mary, Sharon’s Mum still in hospital.
For our daily Bible readings, I thought we would change tack for a bit and do something completely different and look at the story of Abraham, or Abram as he is at the beginning.  Again I’ll say as I have said before, I don’t want these to be a burden, if you already have your own Bible reading notes.
The end of Chapter 11 is a bit complicated with lots of different names in the family but it gives something of the background.  The key thing to note is that Sarai, A’s wife, is barren.
Then at the beginning of Chapter 12 we have to call to Abram to “leave and go”, and the first of several promises that the Lord would bless Abram and make him into a great nation, and he would be a blessing to others, and in particular ‘all peoples on earth will be blessed through you’ (verse 3), ie his descendants.  And the New Testament speaks of this happening through Abram’s seed or offspring, which ultimately is his far-off descendant, the Lord Jesus.
Enjoy the story!
In our prayers we realise that more and more our government needs great wisdom to know how to move our country on to the next stage of life.
In our extended address list, please pray for those who come regularly to Here 4 You which is currently closed, who haven’t been mentioned previously,
– Tracey,
– Melanie,
– Chris,
– Mikala & family
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