Daily email from the Vicar Number 40

Email number 40 today, who would believe it, and that is not including some of the extra ones I’ve been sending.
Firstly just to let you know, and I have Roy’s permission to share, is that Rita went into hospital yesterday.  She has been unwell all week (not Coronavirus), and it wasn’t improving.  So they went to the GP and then onto hospital.  They are doing various tests, have eliminated a few things, and she is due an MRI scan soon.  So please pray especially for Rita (and Roy) at this time.
Our Bible passage today is 2 Peter Chapter 3 verses 1 to 8.
Peter states his aim for writing both of his letters, ‘as reminders to stimulate you to wholesome thinking’ (v.1).  What a noble aim!
He warns of scoffers (v.3) who will follow their own desires because they believe that the Lord has gone and won’t come back as he promised (v.4), and so they can do what they like.
However, Peter reminds them that the Lord is the creator (v.5), He has judged in the past through the flood (v.6), but He is on his own timescale and is being patient, deeply desiring that people would repent and turn (back) to Him (v.9).  These are important truths to hang onto now and at all times.
Just a quick reminder of tomorrow’s service starting at 11am, Derek is speaking.
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In our prayers please remember the work of Prison Chaplains, whose work is always difficult, but especially in these days, that the Lord would help and guide them in their ministry to those who have come to faith in prison, as well as lead them to those who are seriously investigating faith at such a time.
Hope to see a good number of you tomorrow.
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