Daily email from the Vicar Number 4

Thank you to those who have sent encouraging words or messages.  It has also been good to chat to a few of you on the phone, and have also reconnected with a couple of folks who used to come by text.
A couple of you I know followed Park Road Baptist in Rushden yesterday on live streaming whilst I followed Billing Parish Church, which looking at the comments on their Facebook page was really appreciated by their church members.
Do keep in touch with each other by phone, text, Facebook, Whatsapp, or whatever other means, and do ask for help if you need anything, something practical or something for prayer.
Our reading for today is Psalm 23, familiar words which Jonnie from Moulton Church expounded recently when he came to preach.  I also attach a lovely youtube clip which Sue found of the Stuart Townend song based on the Psalm.  I suggest you read it in the Bible first and then listen to the music.  The Lord’s my shepherd

Please pray today for doctors, nurses and other health workers on the frontline.
From our church address list please pray for:
– Terry & Dawn
– Mary, Sharon’s mum
all of whom will be housebound at this time.
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