Daily email from the Vicar Number 39

It is a new month, welcome to May!
Our Bible reading for today is 2 Peter Chapter 2 verses 13 to 22.
This continues from yesterday and what will happen to false teachers, it is sobering stuff.  And what was true in Peter’s time has sadly repeated itself from time to time down the ages and across different contexts/countries and denominations with church leaders going off the rails.  The motivations which Peter mentions of sex, greed and power are usually behind the failings in every age.  Some reach the national press, some are known locally, but they are all painful and cause spiritual damage, which is why the Bible is clear in its warnings.  What is particularly scary is that the false teachers in Peter’s time are blatant about it, and don’t care what others think.  As I said, sobering stuff.
In our prayers, do pray for Nursing and Residential homes in our country and some of the difficulties they are facing, do pray for patients, staff and owners.
In our church address list, please pray for,
– Azariah (Charlene’s older niece) and Vinny
– Roger, Sue and Daniel.
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