Daily email from the Vicar Number 38

It is Bin Day and Clap the NHS day, it seems to come round again so quickly!!
Our reading today is 2 Peter Chapter 2 verses 1 to 12.
These are difficult verses to understand for a whole variety of reasons:
– they are unfamiliar to us.
– they are speaking about false teaching which is unfamiliar to us (see verses 11-12).
– most of us don’t have much personal experience of false teaching, and if we have then we probably have walked away from it by changing churches.
What the passage seems to be saying:
False teaching is not new.
Greed is often part of the motivation (verse 3).
God knows about this stuff and will judge it and those who are ungodly.
The OT examples (verses 4-8) tell us that God will look after and protect the righteous.
A bit more of this tomorrow with the rest of the chapter, keep with me if you can.
Let us remember in our prayers again those on the frontline of the NHS, and in particular our own hospital, NGH, and also our local GP surgeries.
In our church address list please pray for,
– Doreen
– Sharon & George
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