Daily email from the Vicar Number 32

Good morning, it is Thursday morning, it is Bin Day around here, and clap the NHS at 8pm tonight.  Straight after that, so you know, the Church Leadership Council are meeting by Zoom, so we can touch base with each other, and review how things are going as a church in these different days.
Our Bible reading for today is 1 Peter Chapter 4 verses 12 to 19, on the subject of Suffering as a Christian.
I find these verses really hard to process I must admit.  In one sense I know many  Christians suffer for their faith, in big ways such as persecution or much smaller ways like being teased or sidelined by others.  I have prayed for persecuted Christians around the world for many years.
But it is our own attitude and response that the apostle Peter writes about that I find hard;
that we shouldn’t be surprised (v.12), that we should in some way rejoice (v.13), that if we are insulted because of Jesus we are blessed (v.14), that we shouldn’t be ashamed if we suffer as a Christian (v.16), and that some suffer according to God’s will (v.19).
I had a couple of what I think were prank phone calls around teatime earlier this week because I was something to do with the church, and it unsettled me for most of the evening.  I didn’t rejoice or feel blessed at all, quite the opposite!  So join with me today in pondering these verses, asking for the Lord’s help, and especially praying for Christians who really do suffer for their faith.
In the Christian Institute week of prayer, they are praying for the Sanctity of Life today.
They say please pray:
– Against the constant pressure to liberalise our abortion laws and legalise assisted suicide;
– That lawmakers and wider society would see the unborn, the disabled, the elderly and the infirm as valuable human beings in need of protection.
In our church address list, please pray for,
– Kim Bon & Sin Wei
– Charlene, along with Ariah and Samuel
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